Consider Yourself On Notice

Heteconomist ontdekt een anonieme brief in een stemhokje:

Parliamentary representative,

As you can see, you have secured my vote today, but allow me to indicate that it was a close call, and if you fail to lift your game in the following years, it may cross my mind not to vote for you, but somebody like you, at the next election. Thanks to you and your colleagues, my living standards have declined steadily, and the employment prospects of my children and, I suspect, their future children, are as remote as an unexplored rainforest on a drizzly, overcast day, which, I imagine, would be most days. Increasingly, I have little interest in community, my own future, or life in general.

And, yet, despite all your missteps in these directions, here I am, still alive, standing in not altogether decrepit condition in this voting booth, not so embittered as to be incapable of casting a vote in your favor. I do so in grudging acknowledgment that things might yet be worse under the governance of your opponent. There is still more that could be done to render my life, and the lives of those I still manage to care for, meaningless, and to deliver despair as total as it is permanent. I trust that you will refrain from doing these things all in one term. If so, I will acquiesce meekly to your whims, as I always have done, and as I always will do.

Even so, consider yourself on notice.

Potentially swinging voter

Ga en ontdek zijn blog voor een niet-standaard versie van wat er vandaag de dag allemaal gebeurt.

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